Reigning from one of the top design schools in the country, Elisa graduated Pratt Institute with a BFA in Interior Design.  Her design and business background is very diverse having worked for high-end residential and commercial design companies in New York and London. Her expertise is versatile having the capability to render a full set of construction documents, yet also pick out that perfect fabric for a custom sofa. Her projects have spanned from office environments to beach homes, making her desirable amongst a diverse clientele.

Coming from a strong analytical background, Elisa has always fostered an appreciation for experimentation within the design process. She is known for taking your desired taste and guiding you above and beyond what you might have initially imagined. Elisa’s ‘Why Not?” attitude actualizes your vision and raises it that extra level.


Lyani is certified in Interior Design and Drafting Studies by The Art Institute, as well as the American Association of Interior Designers and Certified Green Building. She has studied construction drafting, interior planning, furniture restoration, and carpentry. 

Having worked on both independent and large budget projects for companies in various genres, her versatility and eclectic approach allow her to translate her clients’ voices into visuals, no matter the budget. Her strength is in providing optimal service and in taking a project from concept to reality. Addressing challenges and developing innovative solutions has earned her the nickname of Powerhouse. Lyani is undeniably dedicated to getting the job done and getting it done with style.